International Express Mail (EMS)

Express Mail Service (EMS), from Jamaica Post is our international courier service. Safe cost-effective and reliable EMS is designed to provide the customer with expedited international mail service.

EMS is not an overnight service so if your packages have to reach its destination overnight, then EMS is not for you. EMS is delivered in 3-5 working days (flight schedules allowing.)

EMS can be purchased from select Post Offices across the island during working hours. *See listing below.

How EMS Operates
The orange and blue striped marking is internationally recognized and is therefore given preference by airline and postal administrations. The closing times for EMS items can be obtained by calling 1-888-526-7676 or 922-9448.

CARIBBEAN (ie. Antigua, Barbados, Grand Cayman, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Lucia)

Maximum Weight
One ounce to 22 pounds, depending on the destination.

Track and Trace
All EMS items can be tracked and traced in-house. Internet tracking via the Jamaica Post website is available on our home page for the following countries:

Track your mail/parcel by selecting the respective link below

Customers can track their items via these websites by using the “TRACK & CONFIRM” feature, or by calling the Customer Service Unit at the Central Sorting Office in Kingston, Jamaica, at Tel: 876-922-9448 in order to ascertain the delivery status of their items. In order to assist you when you call, our pleasant, helpful Customer Service Representatives will need to know the tracking (“registration”) number, so please have this information on hand.


The mail item will be checked for compliance with international security regulations and therefore must not be sealed prior to being submitted at the customer service desk.
Express Mail does not transport cash, dangerous goods, hazardous materials or any articles restricted by the country of destination.
All shipments must include addressee’s complete address, postcode, if any, and phone number.
To avoid any inconvenience, all items being sent for repair or replacement should be declared to the postal clerk before being sent abroad.
All non-documents (dutiable items) must be accompanied by a Commercial Invoice. These items are liable to customs clearance on arrival at the country of destination. This may also affect the transit time of the item.

*Express Mail Service is offered at the following Post Offices across Jamaica:


Corporate Area Post Offices Zone
Central Sorting Office CSO – Kingston
Vineyard Town P.O. Kingston 3
Cross Roads P.O. Kingston 5
Liguanea P.O. Kingston 6
Mona P.O. Kingston 7
Constant Spring P.O. Kingston 8
Half Way Tree P.O. Kingston 10
Hagley Park P.O. Kingston 11
Meadowbridge P.O. Kingston 19
Western District P.O. Kingston 20

Regional Post Offices Parish
Bridgeport P.O. St. Catherine
Waterford P.O. St. Catherine
Gregory Park P.O. St. Catherine
Greater Portmore P.O. St. Catherine
Spanish Town P.O. St. Catherine
Old Harbour P.O. St. Catherine
Linstead P.O. St. Catherine
May Pen P.O. Clarendon
St. Ann’s Bay P.O. St. Ann
Ocho Rios P.O. St. Ann
Mandeville P.O. Manchester
Black River P.O. St. Elizabeth
Santa Cruz P.O. St. Elizabeth
Montego Bay P.O. St. James
Falmouth P.O. Trelawny
Port Antonio P.O. Portland
Buff Bay P.O. Portland
Hope Bay P.O. Portland
Annotto Bay P.O. St. Mary
Highgate P.O. St. Mary
Port Maria P.O. St. Mary
Morant Bay P.O. St. Thomas
Yallahs P.O. St. Thomas